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At Equality Hive we work with both emerging and established social evolutionary leaders who are bridging the gap of inequality. If you are a catalyst or visionary, our expertise is in supporting you to craft and deliver dynamic social messages that actually contribute to change.

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Reducing Economic Inequality Through Intersectionality — PART THREE

In Part three of our series, we looked at some solutions to close socio-economic gaps. These included changing the mindset and narrative around closing these gaps, as well as addressing unfair policies and laws.


Reducing Economic Inequality Through Intersectionality — PART TWO

In Part Two of our article series on economics and intersectionality, we look at the interrelational nature of economic inequality, alongside social issues such as mass incarceration and racism.

Reducing Economic Inequality Through Intersectionality — PART ONE

Want to better articulate your arguments around closing socio-economic gaps more effectively? In this three part interview series with Economist, activist and tech entrepreneur, Mammad Mahmoodi, you’ll discover the underpinning factors of intersectionality and socio-economic gaps.